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Tips for Choosing a Wildlife Removal Service

Wild animals like raccoon, squirrels, etc. With such animal invasion, a variety of concerns may come up – wrecked home wiring and duct work, for instance. In addition, animal urine and feces can pose significant health risks, not to mention the disgusting odor and the mess they will leave.

If you have the right knowledge and supplies, you may be able to handle wildlife issues on your own. If not, below are pointers to help you find a competent, ethical and humane animal removal service:

Inspection and Written Estimate

It will be hard for any service to assess and quote your job through the phone, but they must be able to give you an outline of what they plan to do, including their fees. It will not be easy for them to assess and price your job without personally inspecting it, but they have to give you a summary of the services you can expect and the accompanying fees. Any should you have to pay for the onsite inspection, this fee must be credited towards the total quote. While conducting an onsite inspection, they must identify:

The animal/s that have invaded your property All known/suspected entry points Whether or not the animals have offspring How the above are determined

Animal removal companies often- and must – present photos that explain what the animal is doing in your house, and how they intend wildlife-proof the area.

Plan of Action

Ask for details on how the problem will be solved, as well as how the animal is going to be treated. Will this lead to offspring being orphaned or abandoned? Will the effects of their proposed solution continue into the long term?

Recurrence Prevention

Find a company that offers a whole variety of animal-proofing/exclusion services, along with a minimum guarantee of one year against against recurrence. Remember, you consider their job complete, they have to identify and refit all access points using exclusion material that is able to beat the strength or intelligence of potential animal intruders.

The Contract

Never sign a contract if it has an open-ended clause that lets the company collect fees for every trapped animal that they remove from your property. This is undoubtedly an unethical practice that will not be helpful in terms of providing long-term solutions.

Asking for Referrals

Approach an animal control agency or local wildlife rehabilitator, and seek recommendations. You can also ask your prospective animal removal service for client references, and make it a point to call these people, asking them about the company. If the company seems hesitant to provide references, be wary.

License and Insurance

Let the company give you written assurance that they are in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations across the levels, from federal to state and right down to local. Finally, be sure that the company has all required licenses and is adequately covered by workman’s compensation and liability insurance.

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