First wooden free-form houses Museum of Bread!

First wooden free-form houses Museum of Bread!

COOP HIMMELB(L)AU designed PANEUM – Wunderkammer des Brotes is the first wooden building in free form!
Meticulously planned, this customer information centre and event forum for the company Backaldrin in Asten, Austria, is an iconic structure comprising two elements: a box-shaped plinth building with foyer and event rooms that can be used for a variety of presentations, receptions or workshops for up to 120 visitors and the Wunderkammer des Brotes (Museum of Bread), a two-storey freeform exhibition area floating on top. The square base building shows a cast-in-place concrete façade while the rounded wood structure of the museum is clad with stainless steel shingles.


A centrally chiselled circular atrium is at once the cynosure of all eyes as it is flanked by a robust spiral staircase that invites visitors to pause awhile and take in the exhibited items from various perspectives. The stair provides access to the two exhibition levels, where the objects are displayed with the help of walls, tables, and cabinets that are integrated into the architecture. It further allows for striking vertical displays that take on a chandelier-like appearance, adding on to the visual appeal of the commanding building. The raw aesthetic of the interior is augmented by its self-supporting wood shell with its layers of cross-laminated timber and the natural light that filters in from above the atrium. This method of construction enables the realization of the free form and the high degree of prefabrication with 3D CNC technology that is precision-driven and cuts valuable construction time. It is a step into the future of construction; as Design Principal, COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, Wolf D. Prix says, “3D plotting, 3D milling and building with robots – that is the future of building.”

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How to Get the Best Air Conditioners

Proper ventilation and air conditioning systems within your house are essential to helping you to get a comfortable home or business premises. This is therefore one of the things that you have to consider in your building your house so that everything can be perfect. At the same time, it’s important for you to realize that there are many companies that produce or manufacture air conditioning systems. In many of the areas in the world, finding the right company will not be difficult especially because most of these companies have websites. After getting the air-conditioning units, there are also additional services that you can get from such companies. The quality of air-conditioning units you will be using always depends on who you have bought the air-conditioning units from, this is in addition to the amount of money you spent.It’ll be better for you to find the best dealers and producers so that you can get the best quality products. Some of the best supplies and dealers of air-conditioning units are found in the Dubai region and you should buy from them.

There are many different levels of benefits that you can get from such suppliers and producers and therefore, it’s something that you have to consider. These companies are distinct from other dealers or suppliers because they are able to give you deals which are much better. One of the major benefits of such companies is that they will help you to save a lot of money because of the amount of money you’d be paying for the items. This is actually one of the main reasons why many people prefer them from such companies as compared to companies in the regions. Most of these dealers and suppliers provide shipping services such that, the air-conditioning units will be brought to your doorstep. When making the order, you also do not need to go to the physical locations especially because these companies offer online platforms where you can buy products from. You do not need to pay any money for traveling purposes because the companies organize for how you can get the products even without coming to the location, click here for more.

You can be very much assured about the quality of air-conditioning units in Dubai, they are always a very high standards. If you follow the installation guidelines that are given, you’ll be using the equipment for long time but in addition to that, it will require very little maintenance and little or no repair at all.It would therefore be very important for you to consider this is one of the best investment options for you.

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All About Selecting a Gold Products Manufacturer.

In the ancient time, finding gold was not a problem since it was the stand tool of trade but it is rare now. For people who are selling gold products, the manufacturer should be someone who is trustworthy. There are a lot of manufacturers who will boast of having pure gold products when it is just a scam. You can still make it in the field though with the right manufacturer. Conduct a thorough research on the trusted manufacturers in the field. The manufacturers are not that many compared to the other products in the market which means you will mostly find them through direct referrals. Vetting them will not be a problem because you will be able to find clients to interview. You have to consider the needs of your clients and their budget when deciding the manufacturer to work with.

Before you set up a meeting, learn everything you can about gold and the products to be well prepared. Having background information tells the manufacturer that you are well prepared to close the deal and not another stray who is wondering what to do with his or her money. When you have all the basic information, the manufacturer will be answering the questions that call for expert knowledge and not educating you about gold products and the manufacturing process. Approach the manufacturer with your business plan, prototypes, and estimated budget because you are not the only one making a choice since the manufacturer has to determine whether working with you will be in his or her best interests or not.

Make sure the manufacturer has enough gold to meet your demand. It is Mother Nature who controls gold supply which means the manufacturer should assess the supplier who is providing him or her with the merchandise and determine whether he or she will have enough even before you agree on the business deal. Given the complexities that go into mining and processing, you do not want someone who signs up for more than he or she can give. You need the assurance that the person is not going to go back on his or her world just because the clients who have been with him have decided to up their demand. Do a physical tour of the manufacturing plant since the company will be responsible for the quality of the products you will be selling and you do not want to make a mistake on that. Check out this site to find out more about gold products manufacturing.

Water History: Barge Building in France

Water History: Barge Building in France

Even though you may be a barge vacation lover in France, how much do you really know about the history of this mode of transportation? Although waterways are now reserved for holiday activities, tourism and barge holidays, the French have relied on simple barges to maintain and grow their economies. Actually, for centuries the canals and rivers are an important component of the French trading network, connecting the English Channel, Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Water History: Barge Building in France
Standardization and Transportation

Despite this crucial relation of the river, transportation is sluggish due to lack of standardization across the country. At the end of the nineteenth century, Minister of Public Works, Freycinet, had a lightbulb moment: he decided to set up a waterway network by building the same sized locks across the country. This key measures 40m x 5.20m and, once installed, the ship must be redesigned to fit within it. The new timber ship, sometimes known as the ‘Freycinet barge’, is built in dimensions of 38.5m with 5.0mm as standard. This modern standard cargo ship can deliver goods across Europe. Water History: Barge Building in France

However, how do these non-motorized ships move around the complex European canal network? The answer is the power of man – even though actual pulling is done by women, horses and even children throughout the 1800s, as well as men. Some – like Klippers and Tjalks who travel to England – use screen and other power, in Belgium and Holland, are pulled by steam-powered tugs. Progress, though faster because of standardization, can not be called fast because most people will travel on foot.

Triggering the Nation

In a drastic change in how channel transportation operated, the 1900s saw the launch of a diesel engine that eliminated the need for a puller altogether. However, because the engine is not very strong, motorized vessels like Spitzen and Luxemotors must have a distinctive pointed bow similar to the pull. This new creation is very luxurious because it comes with a kitchen and toilet – more than a few houses at that time – and independent.

By the 1920’s the wooden hull had been exchanged for steel, making stronger and tougher cargo ships that could withstand potential impacts with locks. Twenty years later the diesel engine has gained more power and many motorized barges are built throughout France, Belgium and the Netherlands. This is the peak of this industry in Europe. Non-motorized ships are drawn by diesel-powered tractors, not horses, so travel time is greatly reduced.

Goodbye to all that

The decline in French water transport began in the 1970s as faster and more efficient railways and road vehicles grew in popularity. The canals, once the source of life of the country, fell into disrepair and unfortunately not restored. Hundreds of Freycinet barges were canceled and it seemed to be the end of this crucial vessel lane.

Fortunately, barge holidays in France make this traditional form of water transport alive. Tourism blossomed in the 1970s, attracting visitors to the canals and rivers of France has not subsided in nearly four decades. Barge holidays in France showcase the country’s most beautiful and interesting areas to visitors who appreciate the gentle pace, and an alternative point of view, that barge hotels give them access.

Paul Newman is a Marketing and E-Systems Executive for European Waterways, the UK’s most respected provider if you are looking for all the luxury holidays in France or other great destinations. Part of an experienced barge team, Paul first queued to support a slow-paced barging cruise facility for anyone looking for a unique holiday experience. Water History: Barge Building in France

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Amazing Rewards of Joining the Neuro-Linguistic Programs

Richard Bandler and John Grinder are introducing neuro-linguistic programs to ensure that all people in the nation are successful. The neuro linguistic programs teaches people on the multiple ways that consequently result in success that people used. If you take your time to visit various online pages you are likely to find many articles related to the neurolinguistic programs where you can read to get the neuro-linguistic programs or either you visit their offices where they offer the training. In this programs, you are likely to learn many new things that you may lack the idea of what exactly they are and how helpful they are in your life. For the people who don’t take the neuro-linguistic training seriously, it is advisable to join one meeting and find the kind of training people get and if the meeting can be of help to you at some point. The neuro linguistic session is now available on various online pages. The following are some of the credible benefits of attending the neuro-linguistic programs. To learn more about neuro linguistics, you should our website.

Initially, for you to achieve your live objectives you have to be sure of the strategies to use. The fact that some people don’t know the reliable method that leads to success end up hindering them from achieving their objectives. The neuro linguistic programs teach people on the ideal methods they can use to be successful. If you join the neuro linguistic training you can be sure that you can manage to learn the multiple ways that can leads to success.

If you need to achieve the live objectives you need to be sure of the ways to deal with your problems according to the neuro-linguistic programs. You are likely to have lessons on the ways to handle severe problems that may affect your success in the neuro-linguistic programs. Attending the neuro linguistic programs can make sure that you can manage to deal with all sort of issues that may come your way. This can make sure that in your life you can be able to handle all problems that may come your way. Still, if you can manage to inform the society about the ways to manage the raising problems you can be sure that you can manage to transform the society to the best place.

Again, going for this service especially in the face to face meetings, you are likely to meet new people who at times can help you achieve your objectives. It is wise to know almost everybody in the neuro-linguistic programs and if you get the opportunity you can share your dreams. These can give you the opportunity to meet with the people with the same objectives as you and who can make it easy for you to achieve this goal.

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House Painting Essentials For Companies To Keep Track Of

If you are looking for the right house painter to do some interior work for your home or even just work for your painting firm or company, then you better read on this article now! Keep in mind that hiring an individual to do some painting around the premises should be a serious issue to delve into. If you want the best of the best, then you have to make sure that the quality of work provided to your own benefit is really good in not only the final outcome of the venture itself but also the application process as well. Read more here to know how you could find the perfect match to give you the interior space results that you have always favored and envisioned in your head. In order to get the exact match within the situation, then you have to take an initiative in yourself to be detail oriented about the things that you are expecting from the offered services provided to your own disposal. Always focus on the research that you are trying to do in the situation as you never know when the perfect opportunity would present itself to you at any given moment.

Learn more on the procedures that you could do with the research process by being quite fundamentally invested on the happenings around the market of house painters in the long run. Try coming up with a checklist that lets you know some of things that you consider as of the best qualities that are present in a house painting service provider. Of course, you could always consult with other professionals in the field like architects and engineers alike to get more of the suggestions that could be useful for the benefit of you finding the right prospect in the very end. If you check back to the homepage, then you could very much have some of the exclusive information that you need in narrowing down the prospects that are right in front of you. Being specific about the type and amount of work that you want these home painters to do would give you the edge to avoid any miscommunication between parties that regard the line of work that you are hiring them to do.

Always take into account that whole painting process that these professionals would be doing to a home, as you would want to make sure that you do not degrade the value of the house of your clients in the long run. This service should not be taken lightly on your behalf as you would always make it a priority to yourself to have a safe environment around your home. It may be best to go with prospects that are very particular about the types of products that they would use for people’s homes. View here for more info that you could manage in choosing the right house painters for the job.

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Artist Brain Explained by Science

Artist Brain Explained by Science

We always know a slightly different artist.

They think, speak, and work differently from all of us. Most of them even dress differently.

It is not surprising that recent scientific studies show that the brains of artists differed specifically from other populations.

Dr. Rebecca Chamberlain from the University of KU Leuven in Belgium has noticed that most visual artists describe “seeing” their work in their heads before they put pen to paper or brush onto canvas.

He suspects there is a fundamental difference in the brains of the artists. So he did what a self-respecting scientist would do: he led an experiment to find out.

In the study, researchers have 21 art students and 23 non-artists complete a number of tasks. During each task, they scan their brains through a process called voxel-based morphometry.

Voxel-based morphometry is a neuroimaging technique that allows scientists to identify differences in brain structure among individuals. Artist Brain Explained by Science

And through this experiment, Dr. Chamberlain made several important discoveries.

Structural changes
Brain scans show that the brains of the artists have some distinctive differences.

In particular, they have more gray matter in the parietal lobes. Particularly in structures called precuneus.

The parietal lobes process information from the senses. This area is responsible for our visual and spatial reasoning.

According to research, individuals with more advanced visual reasoning are better at making images in their heads.

This shows that before painters even put their black velvet brush into paint, their painting is already in the parietal lobes. This inner picture guides the artist in ways that nonartists can not imitate.

Nature or parenting?
This finding raises important questions. Are artists better drawing because they have an enlarged precuneus? Or do their precuneus increase in size after years of practice?

Certainly, our habits can change our brain structure from time to time. Just like with our muscles, our brain changes with exercise.

Dr. Chamberlain stated, “This is in line with evidence that focus of expertise really changes the brain.” The brain is very flexible in responding to training and there are huge individual differences that we just started entering. ”

But is it possible that artists have enlarged parietal lobes before they start sharpening their skills? Do certain people by nature tend to be artists?

Determining this will require longer research with larger sample sizes.

Scientists need to study the subject before they start practicing their artistic skills. The study will then follow them through all of their training, comparing their brain structure changes with non-artists.

Such studies will take decades and are unlikely to attract much interest in the way they are funded.

Right side myth
For a long time, a general understanding of the structure of the brain is that the left hemisphere is more analytical and the right side more creative. Therefore, a more creative person has a more dominant right hemisphere.

However, according to this study, artists have improved the gray matter on both sides of their brains. This is an important blow to the myth of right-brain dominance.

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5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Casinos

Benefits of Online Casino

There has been immense growth in online gaming. The most impacted gaming is online casino. This success has been enjoyed due to various reasons. The most common reasons for this change are as illustrated below.

There is a huge level of convenience that comes with choosing to play online casinos.

It is so easy for any potential gambler to play at his home or office for as long as there is internet connection. This can easily happen at whichever time of the day. There is a possibility of keeping yourself busy with something else apart from playing online casino simultaneously. In the same breathe, it is highly possible for you to access online casinos with either your phone or laptop. Regardless of the location that you will be, you can access these casino. You are to remember that some of these games are free. Such free games will actually sharpen your skills before you fully delve into gambling. Let not your failure to understand the basics of a game cost you loss of money. Dissimilar to the fact that land based casinos may actually fail you since you may not get space in there, online casinos can be accessed to at any time of the day.

Bonuses are guaranteed on online casinos. You are assured for a bonus that will be a welcome gift. This will often entice you to keep playing on that particular website. It is almost impossible that this can happen on land. To be precise, it never ever happens. You will keep on spending money but you will never enjoy any perks from it. There are also loyalty points that you gain once you start playing online. This is regardless of whether you win or not. The accumulated points can then be used to get casino credits. You can also use them to get some particular prizes. Do not forget that there are numerous payment methods that are accepted too. These options in fact will definitely will ensure you get value for your money. You can easily select quite a number of games from the wide base that is in existence. Land based casinos are known to be of a lesser capacity. Selection of games has even been made much better. So many games are up for you to place your selection. The bet sizes are also impressive. Land casinos do not place a cap on the size of the bet to place. This is so due to the overheads that need to be covered. The game will come with so much comfort based on the flexibility that comes with it. You will certainly not have to be tied down to some codes and regulations.

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Benefactors of Online Casinos and How It is Changing The Face Of Gambling.

Gambling involves betting and undetermined outcome prediction. Gambling comes in different forms and types. From the old days, different types of gambles have been created.

In the recent times however, casinos are seen as one of the two major and dominant form of gambling and this is attributed to the kind of payback that one gets from it. The introduction of the internet has also made it possible for people to gamble from anywhere as major betting and gambling companies provide online services. It has come as a boost to the industry.

To understand the business of the online casino, one has to know that there are different types of games and one can choose which to be involved with.

When the term casino is said, one automatically thinks of a roulette wheel. The player has to spin a virtual wheel and players are required to place a bet either on a single or multiple number and the wheel is then spun and a ball over it and if it fall on the numbers as predicted it is a win.

Betting machine with at least three reels which turn when a catch is pushed. Even offline, this is one of the common one because it has the technology to validate currency inserted to play.

It is one of the common game that people play at the casino and it involves tossing a pair of dice and predicting the outcome of their landing, the online platform prevents fraudsters who sometimes play with loaded dice.

Many players have also been seen to have an interest in poker and this they play with other online gamblers and this is a cards game.

It is not only the winners of games and odds that benefit from the casino business but also other parties.

Casinos and gambling in general are seen as one of the major forms of revenue to the government. Due to government regulation and strictness, one can know which casino is legally operated and which one is for frauds.

Some casinos allow user to get bonuses in the case that they introduce another paerson to their online site using a special link. Because they do not have to pay rent and other bills that come with physical casino places, online casinos offer higher odds in their games.

Many companies provide soft wares of their casinos which means they can be downloaded thus played from anywhere. Many people nowadays do not go to casino places.

In this day of the internet, many people have become great gamblers by doing many trials and study of the game by having virtual accounts for practice.

A lot of individuals have been employed as a result of the betting industry.

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Advantages of Smart Home Devices

The introduction of technology has led to rise of adoption rate with time. Smart devices are evidence of the rate at which people have embraced technology. An example of a smart device that is common to find around people is the smart phone. Nevertheless, smart home devices are becoming popular technological developments since they have increased convenience and simplified life.

Apart from improving convenience and simplifying lives, smart home devices are also associated with the capability of enhancing security in a home. Automated smart home devices and motion sensors alert people in the case of unwanted movements in the house which are not authorised by the family members. Other smart home devices like security cameras help in the monitoring of the security situation in a house by providing real-time videos of any happenings in the house or homestead at large.

Cost associated with utility bills like electricity and water are also significantly minimized. This can be seen through the major purposes that some of this devices serve like monitoring water as well as use of electricity. For example, smart home devices like smart light bulbs and thermostats help in saving energy costs which further causes a decline in the amount of money spent settling electricity bills.

Comfort has become important in the present technology connected to the world. This is because smart home devices have enabled the user carry out changes like adjusting or controlling them to achieve a desireable effect. For instance these devices have the ability to create a comfortable environment by providing good lighting, ambience, favourable temperature, and even the level of desired sound. Similarly, they can open and close curtains and doors as they wish to create the environment of their liking, hence maximum comfort.

The ability to control the smart home devices is another benefit to which its users are drawn. This high level of control is usually in the form of being able to input the desired functions in these devices. This way the smart home devices are made aware of anything that’s happening in the house any period of the day. In addition to this, smart home devices give a piece of mind to the users. Parents to infants and toddlers are able to check on them at any time using a smart device without having to go into their room. In the same way, by use of smart home devices users can check on their home even when they are very far away and can be then assured that everything is running normally. Alternatively, these smart home devices can alert the users in case of any unusual occurrences in their home even when they are away, thereby giving them a piece of mind.

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