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Have A Pleasant Uber or Lyft Ride With These 8 Simple Tips

What makes Uber and Lyft different from your usual cab ride is that is more personalized and you get to establish a more deeper connection with your driver. This is the reason why in every Uber or Lyft Ride, you have to make the most of it and build a good relationship with your driver in order to get a pleasant ride.

Most of the Uber and Lyft drivers are managed by Rideshare Central and they are tasked to monitor each of them to make sure that their customers only get good services from them. If you wish to make the most of your services with them, we have here some tips from Rideshare Central Uber and Lyft drivers:

1. Provide them with your actual location

The most common struggle with Uber and Lyft is locating the passenger so to make things easier for you and your driver, set a more accurate pick up point. Do not just rely on the navigation in your phone and be aware of your surroundings for the most common landmarks you can see and tell them the exact location where you want them to stop and be there on time.

2. Provide specifications

Usually, the application chooses the routes for you but if you want to go on a specific route that you prefer the most, talk to your driver and do not hesitate to tell him about it. You can also do this to some other specifications because if you want your driver to serve you well, you have to talk everything out to them.

3. Relax all throughout the ride

It can be pretty intimidating for an Uber or Lyft driver to see their passengers uncomfortable all throughout the ride and when their are intimidated, this could cause poor quality service. In order to refrain this from happening, stay relaxed all throughout the ride.

4. Ask the driver to play your own music

Heavy traffic and long rides can bore both the passenger and the driver so if you wish to spice things up, ask your driver if he can play your music because after all, Uber and Lyft have this special app feature.

5. Start a conversation with your driver

There is nothing that spells a pleasant ride more than a good communication with your driver so if you want to keep things cool with him, talk about the weather, the heavy traffic and all other random things that come into your mind.

6. Keep the car clean

All car owners have the tendency to be conscientious with their vehicles so to refrain from pissing your driver off, be mindful of your trash and keep the seat covers as clean as possible.

7. As much as possible, refrain from cancelling your booking

For an Uber or Lyft driver, it can be pretty disappointing to fetch someone only to find out that they have cancelled the booking after he drove a long way to pick them up so if you may, please be kind enough to never cancel a booking unless if there are certain emergencies or urgent matters.

8. Give them the rating that they deserve

Most Uber and Lyft drivers really rely on your ratings to keep their job so you might want to consider rating them kindly and according to their actual service.

For more tips on your next Uber or Lyft ride, visit this page for more info.

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