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Tips for Spotting and Stopping Dry Rot

Dry rot, also referred to as brown rot, is wood decay that originates from fungi, which can damage any type of wooden structure. When it occurs, fungi cause the disintegration of cellulose and hemicellulose, two carbohydrate molecules that make wood strong and resilient. The effect is weakening of the wood and a stumpy look. Dry rot will only damage timber that is damp, with north of 20% moisture content. Therefore, the goal of any dry rod elimination project must be to remove the source of moisture.

How Dry Rot Spreads

Spores produced by the dry rot fungus are dispersed through the air. Once they land on moist wood, they will multiply, and if this continues, the wood will eventually weak until it disintegrates.

How to Detect Dry Rot

> Inspect the wood. Initially, fungus will resemble cotton wool, and in a highly humid environment, you may find surface water droplets as well.

> Check if the wood has cracks; darkened, sunken or shrunken parts; or growths that look like the outer part of a mushroom.

Preventing Dry Rot

Dry rot prevention is a fairly easy task. Just keep wood away from moisture with the following steps:Make sure wood is out of moisture’s way by doing these steps:Don’t expose wood to moisture, and these steps will help you do that:

Siding – Hire a skilled siding installer to make sure wood siding is well sealed and installed.

Painting – Before painting wood to be used outdoor, a primer should be applied Painting – Wood used outdoor should be primed on each of the six sides before it is painted.

Roofing – Your roof should be inspected at least annually to address potential problems such as dry rot and water damage. Gutters must be installed to lead rainwater away from the walls and foundation of your home.

Plumbing – Plumbing leaks are the leading cause of dry rot. Check around toilets, vanities, etc., and if you actually find dry rot, address it immediately.

Ventilation – Install proper ventilation in your kitchen, bathrooms and the like to eliminate remove excess moisture from the air.

Deck – Your deck should be well-sealed. If you’re having a a new deck made, have it sloped a little so water flows easily.

Landscaping – Lawn sprinklers should be positioned such that they do not not spray onto the exterior trim of your home.

How to Treat Dry Rot

There are a few ways to eliminate dry rot, like using copper compounds or epoxy. But know that professional knowledge is necessary, if only to ensure good results. You could end up paying more if you do it wrong, so the best thing to do is hire a dry rot repair contractor. But of course, as not all of these pros are created equal on many aspects – pricing, level of expertise, even personality – you need to do your homework before picking someone.

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