How Often Do Police Officers Manage to Catch Hit and Run Drivers? Why Do These Accidents Happen?

Most people who are victims in hit and run accidents worry that police officers will not be able to catch the driver who caused the accident. Most of the time, the reason the driver ran was not that they simply panicked, as drivers typically understand that they can be arrested if they leave the scene of the accident. Instead, they might run for the following reasons.

Warrant for Their Arrest

Some of the drivers who take off after causing an accident do so because they know there is a warrant for their arrest. They will often hope that the police officers will not have enough information to figure out who caused the accident, so they won’t be taken to jail on the warrant and won’t get in trouble for causing an accident. Sometimes, the drivers can be found. They’ll then be arrested under the warrant and because of the hit and run.

Illegal Drugs or Other Items in the Vehicle

If a driver has illegal substances, stolen products, or other items they shouldn’t have in the vehicle, they might run to minimize their chance of getting caught with those items. They may disappear and get rid of the items they aren’t supposed to have just in case they are charged with the hit and run. They may view this as beneficial as there’s a chance they won’t get caught and, if they are, the hit and run charge leads to less jail time than the illegal items might.

Hit and Run Could Be Better Than a DUI Charge

Most people understand the serious consequences of a DUI conviction. Some drivers who have been drinking will run from the accident. They usually believe that, even if they are caught, the police officers won’t be able to prove they were driving under the influence and, as a result, they’ll get a hit and run charge but avoid a DUI and the more serious penalties.

You may be wondering, How Often Do Police Officers Manage to Catch Hit and Run Drivers? Police officers do have ways to catch many of the hit and run drivers, though there are some that get away. If you’ve been in a hit and run accident, try to gather as much information as possible to maximize the chances the other driver will be caught.