Increase Performance with an SCT Tuner 6.0

Performance is an important element for any vehicle. However, most vehicles come through the assembly line with the same standard factory set tune that is mediocre, to say the least. Factory settings are just average as far as expectations, but they can be enhanced and made better. An sct tuner 6.0 can improve response time and power, which can make an engine run smoother and more efficiently.

Performance Tuners

Factory set tunes are fine for the everyday driver, but some people want more from an engine. An SCT tuner is designed to safely increase an engine’s performance by up to 25%. A tuner works by boosting an engine’s torque and horsepower as it monitors critical engine parameters at the same time. A vehicle’s hidden potential can be unleashed when the right tune has been programmed into the system.


To do an actual tuning on a vehicle it may be helpful to use an SCT hand-held unit with LED displays. The displays show what’s taking place as the tune is being programmed into the engine. As a new tune overrides the current tune on a vehicle’s computer, the tuner stores the factory settings for use at a later date, in case the need arises to restore it back to the stock program.


In order to program a new tune into a vehicle, a tuner needs to be hooked up to the vehicle’s OBDII port. This port is located on the driver’s side under the dash. Then the device update software needs to be installed, followed by plugging the SCT tuner into a computer by means of a USB device. This will connect the tuner to the computer so that an updated tune can be programmed into the engine.

There are several companies that offer tuning services that can maximize an engine’s performance and horsepower using an SCT tuner. When power matters, along with the ability to gain momentum quickly, a new tune can unleash all of the potentials necessary to utilize an engine in a way that streamlines its performance factor. Always be aware that an SCT tuner cannot be used on multiple vehicles as it locks to the tune of the vehicle that it is installed on.